These Rental Services Will Make Your Party An Absolute Success

There are plenty of options when it comes to renting a bounce house for your event. Bounce house rentals can keep children entertained for hours. They come in various sizes including small portable ones that can fit under your tree, to huge, colorful bounce houses that match the theme of your party. A majority of bounce house rentals come with delivery as well as set-up and take-down service, so you can rest assured that your event will be a success without any issues.

Prices for Bounce House Rentals Park Ridge, IL differ based on the dimensions, features, and location. A basic bounce house rental could cost between $190 and $299. More expensive, larger bounce house rentals can cost over $1,000. The higher prices usually include additional costs, such as delivery, set-up, and take-down, which could add up over time. Request the insurance documentation of the rental company to ensure your party runs smoothly.

Our team at 2 Dads Bounse house is the best place to find an inflatable bounce house rental in Cleburne or anywhere else in Johnson County. We have the largest selection of bounce houses in the area and can assist you in planning your perfect event. If you’re looking to rent a bounce house for your party, check out our site today! You can browse pictures and find out more about each rental type.

Rental companies rent the equipment needed to inflate the bounce house. Jump houses are ideal for children and can be up to 15 feet wide by 13 foot. The bounce house rental service will bring the inflatable bounce house to your home and fill it up with industrial blowers. You can also connect the dry or wet bounce house to hoses for extra fun! The bounce house rental companies will ensure that your event or party safe by providing staff who will ensure the proper inflation and safety.

Adult bounce house rentals may include a slide. Children under the age of 12 are the ideal candidates for the standard bounce house rental. You can also add an adult bounce house rental to your event but you must confirm the weight limit and the number of guests involved prior to making the decision. It is recommended to rent a separate inflatable bounce house for adults as large guests could fall on smaller guests. A slide is the most popular inflatable rental and is usually the most sought-after kind of bounce house rental.

Bounce houses can also be called moonwalks and jumping balloons. It’s fascinating to know about the history behind bounce houses. Although they’re typically referred to as jumping balloons however, they’re actually a mixture of three. It’s not surprising that bounce house rentals are gaining popularity. Imagine how your guests will have jumping on these inflatables.

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