Why It Is Important To Get An Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos is a fibrous substance that was extensively used in construction materials prior to when it was banned. The fibres can cause lung cancer. This is why it is important to get asbestos inspection Brisbane when you are renovating or buying an older property. A licenced asbestos professional can assess a property for the presence of ACMs and give you a thorough report that will indicate the need for action.

The most commonly used ACMs used in residential properties are acoustic ceiling tiles, hot and cold water pipes, insulation blankets for boilers and heating ducts, floor millboards and vinyl sheets as well as paints, plasters and sprays for fire retardants. These materials were utilized in a variety of homes built prior to the end of the 1980s. They can still be found in older houses in Brisbane. The assessment of these materials by an Brisbane Asbestos Inspection specialist is the safest and best way to know whether they pose any health risks.

Asbestos Inspection Brisbane can be friable or not, and a thorough Asbestos inspection will determine the type of material that is present in your home. Non-friable material is bonded to cement or other bonding materials, making it easier to remove and to collect. However, the dust particles are still an hazard to health.

A reliable Asbestos Inspector will take samples of the suspected materials and send them to an accredited NATA laboratory to be tested. This is the only way to ensure that you are testing accurately for asbestos. If the results indicate that ACMs are present in your home, a licenced Asbestos removal company will remove them safely and efficiently.

Commercial buildings should also be checked for ACMs. This is to ensure compliance of Occupational Health and Safety Laws in each state of Australia. If asbestos is discovered in a commercial structure constructed prior to 1990, it’s essential that a qualified person develop an Asbestos Management Plan and Asbestos Register. This is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of employees as well as all people who could be exposed to asbestos.

An Asbestos Register and Management Plan can be prepared by Jim’s Building Inspections and are offered as part of an annual re-inspection service. For more information or to request an estimate Contact us. We will examine the condition of the building, issue an Asbestos Inspection Report, and if needed arrange for the removal of ACMs. The cost will depend on the size of your building, the quantity of ACMs which need to be removed, as well as whether you require additional services, such as cleaning or scaffolding. We will work within your budget to give you a quick turnaround on your asbestos Inspection Report. Contact us today for a an obligation-free estimate.

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